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Some of what I've been up to

This is a collection of the projects I've been working on professionally over the past few years. Each project page contains some samples of experiences I've led the design for. These samples are of near-final visuals which are based on the wireframes and prototypes I create. I don't post those publicly because they contain unreleased features and functionality that are owned by my clients. I'm open to discussing any of my projects. Just ask.

My time at Cox Automotive has been spent redesigning multiple market leading automotive shipping service sites. The Central Dispatch and 1Dispatch experiences are being revamped and enhanced in a multitude of ways, including feature refinement and new functional capabilities throughout.

I have led the design and vision of the rework efforts since joining. I oversee a team of designers tasked with the continual enhancement and improvement of the experiences. I also work tirelessly to work with my partners to improve our institutional capabilities to provide greater efficiency and improved experiences for all of our customers.

Most of my time at The Home Depot was spent redefining and updating some of their enterprise-level software products.


I led the design work on a tool for store employees to track their performance. The effort recently reported a nearly $800M sales lift on a design investment of roughly $2M. I also updated an enterprise tool used across the company to assist in research and fraud prevention. My most recent work has been to help refine the customer-level credit application process in stores.

I cannot share examples of the work I have done, due to the internal-facing nature of the projects. However, I am open to discussing what the work entailed and the breadth of the efforts one on one.

MasterPass is MasterCard's premiere digital payment service. Since starting at MasterCard I have been working on refining the experience across platforms and channels to meet global market needs.


I began as the lead web and mobile web designer, have worked as the Android and iOS designer, and oversaw a number of design efforts. Check it out.

Radius Fitness grew out of a desire by NBC Sports to develop and launch a subscription fitness service. The goal was to develop a platform to deliver customized workout plans to people and deliver the experience of being in a personal session with a professional trainer.


I led the web and mobile web design of the experience, which also released on iOS for both iPad and iPhone. Check it out.

The first year-long phase of work for Scottrade included an extensive Discovery phase. During that time I helped interview stakeholders and craft personas for future design work.


The earliest designs, detailed here, helped lay the groundwork for an ever-expanding suite of functionality to support the needs of Scottrade's diverse user base. Check it out.

After successfully relaunching the Scottrade Mobile experience, Isobar was asked to help refine the newly enhanced app experience.


In addition to staying on as the lead designer, I conceived of and designed the Compare Tool, which helped set the new app experience apart from Scottrade's competitors. Check it out.

NBC needed help in refreshing their suite of Now-branded viewing apps on the Xbox one.


I was part of the team tasked with updating the apps and making them scalable to a broad range of NBCU-owned channels. Check it out.

More to come...

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