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Radius Fitness by Isobar

Radius Fitness was born out of a request by NBC Sports to help them break into the subscription fitness space with a large focus on personalization. We sought to deliver the experience of having a personal trainer in your home helping you lead a healthier lifestyle. What we helped design for them became a fitness video delivery platform that serves up customized fitness programs based on a user's goals. I led the design of the web experience on the project.

The service was shut down by NBC for undisclosed reasons in 2015.

Home Page

The first thing we wanted users to be greeted with when they came to Radius was the sense that their personal trainer was there to let them know what they needed to do next.


We deliver the next workout video (called a session) they should perform right at the top. Then we deliver additional options if they aren't interested in that session at the moment, along with information to help them track their progress.


We also provide additional non-workout content if they want to read about the latest health trends.

Catalog Browser

If someone isn't in the mood for the next session in their program, which we provide right on their Home Page, they can browse the content catalog for something new.


The catalog is broken up by sessions (workouts), programs (series of workouts - like a class), and the Radius trainers themselves.


Before someone chooses to join a workout program, they may want to learn more about the trainer they'll be working with.


Each trainer has a dedicated page where people can learn about them, what kind of workouts they tend to do and some of what makes them tick.

Program Details

People can preview what sessions will be included in each program. This helps them figure out what will be asked of them.


Once they join up, they can use the page to track progress if they want.


One of the most important aspects of making a life change like deciding to workout and live healthier is having support. Knowing you're not alone is important to a lot of people.


Radius launched with a Community page that tracks the user base's progress across metrics like the calories they've burned. The information is broken down into categories like state and trainer.


We also provide a "living" social media wall delivering Instagram and Twitter posts discussing Radius Fitness. The sessions users are completing are also posted so people can see what everyone else is doing and know there are people out there like them working out then and there.

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