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Receipt Viewer for Home Depot

One of the largest issues Home Depot faces is theft. One of the best things they can do to combat theft and scams from bad actors is to verify sales receipts.

My work on the Receipt Viewer was a redesign to modernize one of the most powerful tools stores have in their fight against scammers. This tool is also used by the corporate fraud department to help gather evidence and build cases against large scale scam and fraud rings.


Searches for receipts were performed using a base set of data.

Users could have multiple searches active at one time to help execute the needs of their job more efficiently.
1 Start.png


Any receipts across the entire company that matched the data provided are returned.

Results can be saved and printed, depending on what is needed.
3 Results.png

Receipt Info

All the details of the given receipt can be viewed.

This helps verify the details of the transaction with what a customer may claim.
4 Popup Default.png

Original Receipt

Where possible, the tool could even pull down a copy of the original receipt.

This helped in identification of fraudulent receipts and claims.
5 Popup Toggled.png
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