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Core Services at Cox Automotive

After I moved on from Logistics, I took a brief stop with the Core Services group within Cox Automotive. While there, I helped implement a few small changes to their Vault product. The Vault is used by associates to help manage and facilitate various aspects of the sales procedure between POS and final delivery.


The sale of a vehicle creates a lot of paperwork.

Here, I helped adjust the Forms view where users can pull down various pieces of paperwork.

Filter Forms

I advocated for a filter that would let users quickly parse down the long list of forms and more easily locate what it is they needed.

Toolbar Access

One thing users told us they missed from the old design was their toolbar of features.

I added it back in a less obtrusive, but no less accessible, manner alongside the primary application navigation.
Vault_Toolbar 1.png

Toolbar Features

It was important to users that they retain access to the toolbar features throughout the Vault experience.

I ensured all the functionality was brought back and made universally accessible.
Vault_Toolbar 2.png
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