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Scottrade (Phase 1) by Isobar

My first project at Isobar was helping redesigning Scottrade's mobile trading platform. My team worked dilligently to deliver a product that would increase trades from mobile devices for Scottrade. The app we launched surpassed their prior platform's lifetime trades within a few short months.


I led the design on multiple key portions of the app, some of which are detailed below.


If you would like to see the app in action, it's available on the Android Play Store and the iTunes Store (for iPhone and iPad). To access the full content, you'd need an account, but there is some functionality available without one, notably Branch Locator and Watch Lists, both of which I designed.

Branch Locator

​One of Scottrade's competitive advantages is that they are able to provide customers access to professional help in brick and mortar establishments.


It was important to provide mobile users with a way to access that advantage quickly and easily.


I led the design of their Branch Locator as one of the first experiences for the project, leveraging platform standards where possible, while still ensuring we remained true to the Scottrade brand and the design language that was being established for the mobile experience.

Watch Lists

One of the core purposes of the application is to provide users with utility on the go. The Watch List feature, a tool used to track stocks a person is interested in, was one of the leading ways in which we were providing that utility.


Watch Lists is also important because it is one of the only tools non-Scottrade members have access to in the mobile app. This allows non-members to get their foot in the door and understand the utility of the Scottrade experience.


I led the design of the Watch List function across platforms.

Account Mgmt

For any client-focused experience it is important to provide access to their most important information as simply as possible. For Scottrade, that meant providing their users with a full suite of account management tools while on the go.


I led the design of the Account Management tools on iPhone and Android.


I made sure to utilize emerging design patterns within the framework to offer detailed information without overwhelming users.

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