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NBCU Xbox One Apps by Isobar

NBC came to us needing help in refreshing some of their Xbox One Apps for their Now-branded viewing experiences. The apps currently using the design include SyFy and USA Now (shown here), in addition to Bravo and Telemundo Now.


The challenge for the project was making something that was viable for the subset of brands, but making it scalable to future NBC-owned brands if they ever needed the app to do so. On top of that, the Xbox One platform is unique in that everything needs to work across three distinct interactive methods (standard game controller, gesture-based, and voice-controlled).


If you would like to see the app in action, you can download it on your Xbox One device or check it out online at the Xbox One App Store.


The Home page was updated to provide visual interest and scalability for whatever the brands wanted to highlight during the season.


We also made sure to provide quick access to all the most important parts of the app, right from the beginning.


​Providing a great interesting space to discover a brand's shows was key in making Shows fun and able to be explored.


​No matter the level of the app, we made sure to retain not only the visual identity of the app and the brand, but also the highly horizontal user interface.

Other Aspects

​All the areas of the applications were redesigned, from Show Clips to the Search experience.


We made sure to update the user experience for areas identified as pain points for users such as the post play experience offering suggestions and providing an enhanced Search functionality.

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