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Masterpass by MasterCard

MasterPass is MasterCard Worldwide's premiere digital payment service. My time with the company has been spent redesigning the overall experience from top to bottom, with a focus on the new user registration process. With my help, we took what was a 15 step registration process and trimmed  down to a 3-5 step one. This has resulted in a much smoother experience for our new users across the board.


I oversee the desktop and mobile web design efforts and provide guidance to our Android and iOS design teams, along with various related responsibilities. I strive to deliver a straightforward and cohesive experience across all our product touch points.


If you want to check out the new product, feel free to sign up for an account at or at thousands of online retailers around the world. Look for the official Android app in the Google Play store alongside partner apps.


The biggest change we made was to simplify the first interaction the user has with our product.

We utilize the provided credential to intelligently route them to the proper digital wallet product, based on the industry partners we work with.

Card Info

Here the user is ready to sign up for our "pure" Masterpass experience, so they provide us with their credit card information.

Billing Info

Once they have provided us their card information, we get their billing information and the rest of the account credentials so they can complete their registration.


Early research showed users were confused as to when their account was created. To alleviate that confusion we put in a "speed bump" page, confirming that account creation was completed.
The page shows the user what to look for when shopping so they may use their Masterpass. After this we take them back to the original merchant site.
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